Pot & Page: Reader Recommends

There is something so satisfying about recommending a favourite book to a fellow human; sharing the love of a story and sparking that interest for others, so here at Pot & Page we have decided to kickstart our reader recommends section to do just that! 

We will have a few recommendations on the go at any one time on our dedicated bookshelf, including some of our personal favourites. We will stock a few copies of each recommended book, and will replace the them with different titles whenever they sell out. That way we will keep a steady stream of new recommendations over the year. However, we don't want to just showcase our all time favourites - we also want to know what books keep you up into the wee hours of the night, so here's what where we need your help:

Share your favourite stories with us - the ones that really made an impact - and we will feature your review on our blog, on our instagram and on our shelves, so other people can experience the magic of discovering them for the first time! To do this, all you need to do is email us at hello@potandpage.co.uk and tell us your name (if you want it to be included), the title and author of the book you want to share and a short review of the book - just how short is up to you, but 100-300 words is a good guideline and please; no spoilers! If you have a nice relevant photo to share - that's an added bonus (pictures of your cat are unlikely to make the cut unless you can persuade him to convincingly read the book)! You can also DM us @potandpage on instagram if you prefer, or send your review by carrier pigeon. Anything goes. 

So start sharing stories! 


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