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Reader Recommends - Eleanor Oliphant is Completely Fine

By Gail Honeyman. Step into Eleanor’s practical Velcro shoes as this first person narrative laces together traumatic events with the humdrum realities, trials and silliness of everyday life, bringing Eleanor Oliphant to life in glorious Technicolor. This masterfully designed book can see you lose your faith in humanity one minute, then falling in love with a stranger’s act of kindness the next - as easily as flipping a coin. Celebrate her successes, experience the lows and root for her through every chapter, all the while enjoying her very unique view of the world.  Gail Honeyman’s sensitive, lighthearted novel delivers a rare insight into profound and complete loneliness, while addressing the difficult topics of abuse, manipulation and unaddressed trauma. This may sound like a recipe for a gruelling read, but perceiving the world through the all seeing eyes of Eleanor Oliphant injects humour and believability into the narrative that makes this book impossible to put aside. Following

Reader Recommends - Starless Sea

By Erin Morgenstern. This is a book you can almost taste. Every page is sewn with carefully crafted words to engage all your senses, leaving you with a feeling of shared experience; until, in returning to its hidden world, you feel as though you are catching up with the protagonist like an old friend. It is a book that will make you fall in love with books all over again, not only because it is a beautiful novel in itself, but because the way it describes the many books littered within its pages leaves you with an impression of reverence. Books are the cornerstone of story; they are what compels the characters to act, what inspires them to fight to protect and what dares them to dream.  Enjoy stories within stories and books within books, and be left with the sweet taste of honey in your mouth as you set a-sail across the starless sea. - A Pot & Page Review

Pot & Page: Reader Recommends

There is something so satisfying about recommending a favourite book to a fellow human; sharing the love of a story and sparking that interest for others, so here at Pot & Page we have decided to kickstart our reader recommends section to do just that!  We will have a few recommendations on the go at any one time on our dedicated bookshelf, including some of our personal favourites. We will stock a few copies of each recommended book, and will replace the them with different titles whenever they sell out. That way we will keep a steady stream of new recommendations over the year. However, we don't want to just showcase our all time favourites - we also want to know what books keep you up into the wee hours of the night, so here's what where we need your help: Share your favourite stories with us - the ones that really made an impact - and we will feature your review on our blog, on our instagram and on our shelves, so other people can experience the magic of discovering th

And we're open!

After a fantastic welcome from the town of Ledbury, we have now officially opened our doors! tea is brewing, delicious plant based food is making its way to your tables and books are finding new readers!  It's beed a blast, and we can't wait for next week! We are planning an official opening party on Saturday 24th July, starting at 10.30AM with the mayor opening the shop (I know, we're already open, but just run with it). We will also have the live gypsy swing band - Swing Fromage - (we're aware of the irony) playing for the first couple of hours of opening and the carnival princesses will be there to welcome everyone. We will be advising that all guests maintain social distancing recommendations and will be keeping all our tables a minimum of a metre apart, and that anyone wanting a guaranteed table books in advance, although walk-ins are always welcome.  In the meantime, here's some useful general information if you're planning a visit: Opening times:  WED-FRI