After a few months of hard grind we are nearly there! Back in April we finally got all our consents through to go ahead with the renovations 8 New Street so badly needed, and we've been working around the clock to make our dreams for the space a reality. 

There was so much dirty work to be done in the gutting and clearing of the space, which seemed to take an age, but then all of a sudden we were ready to move onto painting, and just like that Pot & Page is finally being brought to life! We picked out a gorgeous Farrow & Ball colour combination from The ODD Shop - Hague Blue and Dutch Orange (I sense an unintended theme...) and we love how the two tones compliment each-other! 

We do still have a lot to get done in terms of kitting the place out with equipment and furnishings, but this is the bit I love - all the finishing touches that inject personality into a place. And even better, we've been able to start collecting books. Who knows what came first, our obsession with collecting books, or our desire to start a second hand book store? But we now have a damn good excuse for this particular hobby.

We are now on the hunt for a chef to join our small team to bring delicious plant based food to your tables, but once we have that special someone, we'll be ready to (finally) open our doors! 

In some more heartwarming news, we received the best gift from a friend's father the other day - A copper engraved Pot & Page sign, which will be taking pride of place on our bar! (Thank you John!!)

Lockdown, awaiting permissions and each job uncovering three more that needed doing have all had their impact, but it's nearly go time!


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