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After a few months of hard grind we are nearly there! Back in April we finally got all our consents through to go ahead with the renovations 8 New Street so badly needed, and we've been working around the clock to make our dreams for the space a reality.  There was so much dirty work to be done in the gutting and clearing of the space, which seemed to take an age, but then all of a sudden we were ready to move onto painting, and just like that Pot & Page is finally being brought to life! We picked out a gorgeous Farrow & Ball colour combination from The ODD Shop - Hague Blue and Dutch Orange (I sense an unintended theme...) and we love how the two tones compliment each-other!  We do still have a lot to get done in terms of kitting the place out with equipment and furnishings, but this is the bit I love - all the finishing touches that inject personality into a place. And even better, we've been able to start collecting books. Who knows what came first, our obsession