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Like most of the beautiful buildings in Ledbury’s historic Tudor town centre, the new site for Pot & Page is grade II listed. This means we have all the delights a characterful beamed 17th Century town house has to offer, but also that we have to be very mindful of any changes we make over the years to come.  Luckily Listed Building Consent (LBC) has a fantastic advice service that helps you to navigate all the weird and wonderful rules set up to protect the history of towns such as ours. They offer a (Covid-19 friendly) site visit where they inspect the property and offer top tips on how best to make updates, while preserving the history. If you are lucky you will also find out some extra little historical tit-bits as you go! We found out that one of the larger stones in our cellar wall had probably been taken from a church, and that we had an old barrel ramp from the street as well as some barrel storage chocks (and yes, this did get us thinking about whether to stock some of Her