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Hello and welcome to Pot & Page! This is where we will share any news about events, good books, great teas, and (for now) our progress leading up to opening our doors later this year.  So what can you expect from the cafe and bookstore hitting the streets of Ledbury, and who are the people behind it? We are a small family business with a lot of big ideas - my husband and I run the cafe together with our two little ones, our friendly pups and a grumpy ginger cat in tow.  The idea behind Pot & Page is pretty simple. We have decided to put all our favourite things into one place with the idea that, if we love them, others hopefully will too - good books, delicious tea and homemade wholesome plant based food - all of which is responsibly sourced with environment and community in mind.  We are aiming to have Herefordshire’s largest tea selection and to curate a wealth of interesting books to broaden anyone’s horizons. A lot of our second hand books will be available to leaf through